Mylene Mizrahi


Doctor in Anthropology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) with a year of study at University College London (UCL). Her doctoral thesis was awarded the IPP-Rio Maurício de Almeida Abreu Award, from the Municipal Secretariat of Urbanism, Rio de Janeiro. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at PUC-Rio, where she coordinates Estetipop (Laboratory in Aesthetics, Pop Culture and Anthropology) (link para a página do grupo no site). She acted as early career scholar at the PPGSA-IFCS-UFRJ (the Graduate Program in Sociology and Anthropology, of the Philosophy and Social Science Institute at the University of Rio de Janeiro) for five years (2011-2016). She is a research associate at NIREMA/PUC-Rio (Interdisciplinary Center for Afro-descendant Memory); Consumption Study Group (UFF/UFRRJ) and is a member of REAJ (Study Group on Youth Experiences and Actions). Her research trajectory includes funk carioca and popular youth, composingd, an ethnographic perspective to explore her continued interest in the aesthetic dimension of social life. She currently investigates the interface between anthropology, arts and education, exploring themes such as aesthetics and peripheral arts; artistic subjectivation, youth and learning; corporeality, gender and race relations; consumption, image and virtualization of social life; anti-racist education and ethnic-racial relations.

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