Curriculum Matrix

The curricular matrix of the Pedagogy course at PUC-Rio covers different fields of knowledge and is organized as follows:

CodeDiscipline NameCredits
1st semester
EDU1764History of Pedagogical Ideas and Practices4
EDU1774Children and Culture4
EDU1780Media, Technologies and Education4
FIL0102**Elective (Philosophy)4
LET1910Analysis and Production of Academic Texts4
NBH0121Elective from Sociology/History4
2nd semester
CRE1100Humanity and The Religious Phenomenon4
EDU1765History of Education in Brazil4
EDU1768Educational Psychology I4
EDU1792Educational Research4
EDU1803Portuguese Language Teaching Methodology I4
EDU1805Mathematics Education Teaching Methodology I4
3rd semester
EDU1769Educational Psychology II4
EDU1770Sociology of Education I4
EDU1775General Didactics4
EDU1781School Organization I4
EDU1804Portuguese Language Teaching Methodology II4
EDU1806Mathematics Education Teaching Methodology II4
4th semester
EDU1766Educational Policy I4
EDU1771Sociology of Education II4
EDU1782School Organization II4
EDU1788Supervised practicum in School Management4
EDU1799Teaching Methodology of Natural Sciences I4
EDU1801Teaching Methodology of Social Sciences I4
5th semester
EDU1762Philosophy of Education I4
EDU1767Educational Policy II4
EDU1790Teaching Practice in Pedagogical Subjects4
EDU1800Teaching Methodology of Natural Sciences II4
EDU1802Teaching Methodology of Social Sciences II4
EDU1808Curriculum: theoretical and practical issues4
6th semester
CRE0700**Optional from Christianity course4
EDU1760Anthropology and Education4
EDU1763Philosophy of Education II4
EDU1791Teaching Practice in Elementary School4
EDU1798Multiculturalism and Education4
EDU1817Learning Evaluation4
7th semester
CRE1141Christian Ethics2
EDU1772Children and the Daily Life of Early Childhood Education4
EDU1777Educational Diversity and Inclusion4
EDU1789Supervised practicum in Early Childhood Education4
EDU1807Analysis and Interpretation of Statistical Data4
8th semester
CRE1175Socio-environmental Ethics and Human Rights2
EDU1776Human Rights Education4
LET1801Brazilian Sign Language (2 credits)2
Undetermined Semester
ACP0900**Complementary activities22
EDU0800**Elective (from Education)8
ELL0900**Elective (from any department)12
Total of Credits: 212

The syllabi and work plans of our disciplines are available at the Undergraduate Central Coordination Office website.