Profex – Grupo de pesquisa sobre a profissão, formação e exercício docente


PROFEX develops and supports research on the teacher and his or her practice in the daily life of schools. It is part of the Research Line Teaching Work, Curriculum, Learning and Pedagogical Practices. Recent studies have highlighted the themes of professional development, teacher knowledge and good pedagogical practices, in addition to the themes of youth cultures, high school and the meaning of school. The research entitled “Teaching in high school: the centrality of the teacher's role in working with young people from the periphery”, desenvolvida pela professora Silvana Mesquita, foi responsável pela origem do grupo e recebeu o Prêmio CAPES de Teses 2017 na área de Educação. The group is currently carrying out a research project entitled “The teacher education game: Tensions between teaching practices, training institutions and guiding policies”, which aims to identify the “place” of didactic-pedagogical knowledge in the education and performance of high school teachers. PROFEX's principle is to value the role of teachers and students in research, in addition to the school space as a place of investigation, aiming to contribute to understanding and improving the process of teaching and learning.