Extension and Outreach


In addition to regular educational activities, research, and extension courses, the Department of Education of PUC-Rio offers several services for the students and educational community of the institution, as well as for the general public. In this way, the department offers its expertise in multiple initiatives to support teaching and learning at PUC-Rio.


The Community Classes Support Center - NAPC has operated since 2005 in the coordination of free Extension Courses for the training of community educators. The Center is one of the fruits of the Community Roots project, implemented in 1998 by José Carmelo Braz de Carvalho in partnership with the Vicarage for Social Charity of the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro.


The Youth and Adult Education Center - NEAd - constitutes a nexus of activities around Youth and Adult Education (EJA). The center serves a varied audience, which includes students, educators, researchers and groups involved in EJA initiatives inside and outside of PUC-Rio. Strongly built on voluntary work, the Center accepts undergraduate students from different courses at the institution as interns.


The Psychopedagogical Counselling and Service Center - NOAP - is a unit linked to the Vice Dean’s Office for Academic Affairs. The Psychopedagogical Counselling and Service Center (NOAP) works together with the students of PUC-Rio to promote their learning process in the areas in which they have the greatest difficulties, in particular offering psychopedagogical assistance and support in reading and writing skills. The center also offers a professional guidance service. The Center was founded in 1982 and later integrated into the Student Support Network, RAE and into the Teacher Support Network, RAD, intrainstitutional networks constituted from units that offer different types of support to the university's student and teacher communities, respectively.