Graduate Program and Research



The main goal of our program is to collaborate directly with the production and socialization of knowledge that can support intervention for improving the quality of Brazilian education, especially public education.

The Master's Degree is to develop the ability for consistent analysis and critical thought, and the Doctoral Degree aims to develop scientific and technical creativity in the educational field, focusing on research practice. The Program's identity was built around the articulation of teaching and research.

The program features the following characteristics:

  • An interdisciplinary perspective.
  • A view of the totality of educational phenomena in society, exploring the connections between the different social and human sciences.
  • The character of flexibility: the aim is to guarantee structural flexibility that allows graduate students to obtain a common basis and, at the same time, to explore in depth one of the thematic areas specified in the Program.
  • An emphasis on the integration of research and teaching: teaching and research are conceived as intimately articulated, nurturing the disciplines with research results and engaging graduate students in the Department's lines of research.