Silvana Soares de Araujo Mesquita


She holds a Doctoral and a Master’s degree in Education (PUC-Rio) and a Teaching Degree in Biological Sciences with specialization in Science Teaching and School Management. She received the Capes (The National Council for Professional Development in Higher Education) Award for Best Thesis in the area of ​​Education (ano??). She is the Coordinator of the Undergraduate course and teacher training Internship Program in Education at PUC-Rio. She works in the areas of Teaching Practice, Curriculum and Teacher Education. She is a member of the research network at the UNESCO Chair for Teacher Professionalization and member of the PUC/CAPES/PRINT internationalization program. She has professional experience as a primary education teacher and school manager, working in the area of Teacher Education and Science Teaching. She develops research on Teaching Practice, Teachers’ Work and Teacher Professionalization, Curriculum Policies, Youth and High School.

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