DEdTec – Grupo de Pesquisas Discursos da Educação e Tecnologia


The DEdTec is the newest research group to be formed in the line of research into Digital Languages, Technologies and Education, of the Department of Education of PUC-RioEstablished in August 2018, the group is committed to exploring themes related to the field of ​​Education and Technology from discursive-critical perspectives. Against the hegemonic discourses in the area, which defend the inevitability of digital technologies in education and their ‘neutrality’, naturalizing them and promoting polarised views of the relationship between education and technology, the group questions these premises and positions, having the general objective to critically discuss the implications, for the theorization and practices of education, of artifacts, especially digital ones, always addressed in a contextualized way within socio-cultural and historical particularities. Current projects of DEdTec explore themes such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in education, metaphors of EdTech and the use of dystopian fiction as a training resource. The group receives financial support from Faperj (APQ1 2019 and IC 2019) and PUC-Rio.